“The general aim of the project is to obtain non-destructive evaluation techniques and procedures based on ultrasonic inspection of adhesive bonds and coatings. This will help to improve the quality control process in the manufacture of products with adhesive bonds, introducing tools enabling the evaluation of the state of the bond, be quick in diagnosis to be implemented in the production process, represent economic saving and expand the potential for evaluating various bond properties. Thus this will make possible a saving of resources by making an exhaustive control on the quality of the bond immediately without having to destroy samples, increasing the amount of production under inspection and ensuring its quality, including trained quality departments into companies, resolving faults at the start and perform maintenance at the expected rate of bond failure. The project was undertaken in collaboration with five technology centres included in the adhesion UNIT: AIDICO, AIDIMA, AIJU, INESCOP and ITC, which can make this type of service available to their companies. Multiple combinations of materials will be evaluated, which indicates the potential impact of the results of this project. These centres will acquire a rapid and effective diagnostic tool for new formulations or bonding processes that are being developed in each company.”

Start date: 01/01/2013
File: IMDECA/2013/31