AIJU has collaborated in a joint project with the Centre for Study of Children, Youth and Media (CSCYM) of the London Knowledge Lab, to study variables that will influence children of the future.

María Costa, Director of the Department of Teaching/Product/Market, was able to make a research visit as Visiting Academic of the University of London as part of the “High Specialisation in Sociology of the Child Consumer of the Future” during the months of May to July 2011.

This visit was coordinated from the University by Dr David Buckingham, professor of the Institute of Education of the University of London and currently a leading exponent of marketing and childhood in the international scientific arena.

In addition to the studies undertaken, various seminars were given in which the work of AIJU was disseminated in the University of London, showing the potential of our Institute in the sphere of childhood and children’s products.

Research techniques and methods were shared and analysed in this context and based on this, AIJU consolidated its own methodology and children’s prospective applicable to techniques sectors SMEs. To do this, the study and knowledge of bodies, projects, research, documents and methodologies used by a variety of agents was necessary.

All the contacts were key for establishing a pool of cooperation agents for future projects. The results of this work are added to that being undertaken by AIJU on the children’s perspective and that will be finished and disseminated in 2012.

This specialisation was funded in the framework of a IMPIVA project and by the European Social Fund.

Start date: 27/04/2011