“AIJU carried out the Iconotoy-1 project (Investigation for generating a unified proposal of informative icons on toys) in 2009. This investigation was funded by IMPIVA (European Regional Development Fund) and the main aim was to unify and standardise the symbols on packaging, publications and other resources used by companies and bodies linked to play and toys, to indicate the characteristics, potential and virtues of the toy. Unification and standardisation of these symbols could reduce the efforts made mainly by manufacturers and consumers in issuing and understanding the messages through multiple icons based on differing graphical representations and criteria. After the investigation, it was found that the icons chosen cover the main communication needs of companies with respect to toys and they respond to the main types of information that the consumer requires to choose appropriate toys. The 90 icons of this collection are divided into 7 main themes. The investigation is planned to continue in 2010 and 2011 to be translated into the international context and undertake the appropriate processes so that this new resource can become a voluntary standard.”

Start date: Jan-09
Contact: Maite Romero

File: IMIDIE / 2009/18