The aim of this project is to develop short life injection moulds using additive manufacturing technologies that would enable an significant reduction of cost and time compared to conventional manufacturing techniques. Additive manufacturing techniques to be used during this project will be Laser Sintering and photopolymerisation by ultraviolet light (polyjet 3D printing), which are commonly used for the development of prototypes and pre-series of plastic products from simple polymeric materials.

During the first year, the first tests will be performed with composite materials based on nanoloads and high performance resins in order to make prototype moulds with the necessary properties of mechanical resistance, hardness and thermal properties to be used in injection moulding.

This project has a strong multidisciplinary nature and spans the entire process value chain, from development of new formulations of materials with excellent properties to optimisation of techniques involved in the manufacturing process of moulds and their final validation through injection manufacturing of a short series of items.

Contact: Asunción Martínez