“From the results obtained in earlier projects (calls for participation 2005 and 2006 of the Plan for Competitiveness of Valencia Companies), objective and reliable criteria are available to evaluate the sound quality in various toys that emit sounds, as well as a tool for subjective evaluation of these toys, suitable for use by children. This is been a novel development as well as a useful aid for toy companies when developing new products. This study will identify the acoustic parameters that most affect sound quality, covering empathic aspects of the toy for the child and psychoacoustic factors. Psychoacoustic factors help model human perception of sound, objectively defining the subjective feeling of the sound. This project will try to use these results to perform a study of a selection of toys available on the market that emit sounds. The objective properties of the sound related to perception will be determined to give a certain “note” of quality of the toy’s sound. The project aims to evaluate a representative sample of toys on the market in order to position the toy industry of the Region of Valencia on a scale of “sound quality” with respect to the industry of the rest of Spain and abroad.”

Start date: Jan-07