“Electric and electronic toys are sensitive to electromagnetic interference (EMI) from other equipment that can cause problems with their operation. This project develops new light absorbents, of broad response against electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can be made at a competitive price and be processed by traditional techniques, avoiding in this way the problems associated with these interferences. A deep study of the sector’s requirements has shown that, in addition to the above, these materials must be light, have broad response against a magnetic or electric field, which were included in the initially planned objectives. During the first year of the project, the formulation based on PP has been optimised in accordance with the previous requirements. The results of the mixtures obtained and their characterisation have determined the optimum percentages of both black carbon such as carbon nanofibres on the plastic matrix and also the conditions and process for its production at a semi-industrial level, which will shortly be applied to specific prototypes for their subsequent characterisation, with very encouraging results.”

Start date: 22/02/2010