“Plasma treatment systems enable modifying the superficial properties of polymeric materials in any of their formats (3D items, films, fibres, fabrics, etc.) and provide improvements in adhesion, painting, humidification (hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties), barrier properties, etc., through surface activation or plasma polymerisation in order to improve the solidity of finishes and functional properties of the final products. Generally this process does not modify the final appearance of the visible product. However it does improve technical performance, optimises yields in certain production processes and solves particular basic problems of certain polymeric raw materials. Therefore, ten companies of the textile, plastic and toy sectors in the Region of Valencia, led by INJUSTA, jointly collaborate in the development of this industrial research project with the participation of the AIJU and AITEX technological centres. The result will enable adding value to products of these important sectors of the Region.”

Start date: 01/03/2010