“This project aims to consolidated and amplify the Technology Platform for Innovation in Childhood, created in 2008, through the construction of its successor PLAITEC II. The activities previously started will be allowed to continue and new and better results are expected. The main aim of the platform is the development of new products, services and technologies with application for childhood; to achieve this aim, PLAITEC II will be organised in themed working groups composed of researchers and technicians from all the Technology Institutes of the REDIT network. They will work in close collaboration with the Foundation for Innovation for Childhood of the Region of Valencia (FII). PLAITEC II intends to grow compared to its predecessor, integrating all the Technology Institutes of REDIT during this year. In this way, the research work will address all activity sectors represented by the various institutes, diversifying and therefore enriching the technological offer generated in the heart of the platform. The primordial goal of PLAITEC II is to establish a dynamic of cooperation in the industrial fabric, transferring the developed technology, to generate solutions to current market needs in the sectors related to children, introducing an important innovation component to industry in Valencia and encouraging its competitiveness and positioning against others.”

Start date: 01/01/2009