“The main aim of the project is the design of a new rotational moulding oven that automates the process of opening and closing of moulds, creating a continuous cycle that would greatly increase production compared to current ovens. During the project, a prototype oven will be developed to validate the design and operation of all the automated systems to be included in the new rotational moulding system. This process is generally not currently in use at the industrial level in the sector because the design of the new oven incorporates many technological improvements that do not exist, so it would imply a world first. The new rotational moulding system has a potential market in the toy sector, and especially in the doll sector, which uses small pieces moulded with plastified vinyl that are only moulded by means of rotational moulding. Given that the new system dramatically increases production and therefore reduces the final costs of the product, it is expected to be widely accepted within this sector.”

Start date: 01/07/2012
Contact: Miguel A. León