“Based on previous research and the development of its own selective laser sintering (SLS) technology (AIJUSLSV1 in projects IMPIVA IMIDIC/2010/44 and IMDEEA/2011/68), this project intends to investigate the practicality of using injection materials in the process of manufacturing prototypes of different additive manufacturing technologies. There are two major objectives: reducing the costs of materials (currently in the order of 85 €/kg) and bringing the physical and mechanical properties between initial prototypes and final items closer together. The technologies of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling have meant a great advance in the development of new products manufactured in plastic. The main drawback of rapid manufacturing technologies is the high dependence on the technology provider. There is a monopoly that surrounds everything related to the manufacturing technology. In contrast to what happens with general use technical materials (steels, aluminium, copper, polyethylene, polyamides, etc.), the materials for the rapid prototyping technologies are largely unknown, despite the information that each manufacturer can provide. This lack of knowledge is conditioned by the rapid manufacturing process itself, in addition to a certain amount of ‘obscurantism’ in the information supplied by some manufacturers that prevents in depth knowledge of the processes and the properties of the material. “

Start date: 01/01/2012