The goal of the MASTALMOND project is “to create and to test at preindustrial level new masterbatches (colour concentrates), based in biodegradable plastics and containing in its formulation a high percentage of almond shell, a natural waste material, which firstly will permit to cover technical requirements of two traditional industrial sectors, toy manufacturing and auxiliary furniture, although the results achieved could be extended to other industrial sectors”.

To achieve these objectives after optimizing the new masterbatches at laboratory scale, it will be necessary to adjust or modify conventional extrusion systems to make possible achieving it at industrial level as they will include almond shell, mostly composed by lignocelluloses as a new raw material in its composition.

Currently, there are not masterbatches in the market reinforced with natural waste; neither too much extended those based on biodegradable plastics as they are poorly introduced in sectors different from the packaging one. Thus, wide dissemination actions are intended within the project development to make stakeholders aware of the high benefits of the market uptake of those.

Jointly to the positive environmental impact regarding the valorisation of natural waste, the project will enhance the low cost innovation in the industrial sectors mentioned above and it will contribute to its sustainability in a medium term.

This Project is lead by AIJU and participated by the SMEs IQAP, INJUSA and PÉREZ CERDÁ Plastics. It is funded by Life program within LIFE11 ENV/ES/513, and is going to be developed in three years.