“The aim of the multi-year EASYWASTE project is to define directives for environmental improvement of electric and electronic products of the toy sector and therefore to facilitate their separation and subsequent recycling. These types of products have an associated environmental problem derived from aspects such as: manufacture of the electric toys and/or their components in third countries, the impact of transport, etc. as well as the impact caused in the period of useful life of the product due to energy consumption, as well as the particular features of these products that complicate their management and proper recycling. To solve these problems, a project is proposed to study the main toy families and to select a sample of electric and electronic toys. From this sample to identify the most critical aspects of these products and to study their improvement through design, proposing alternatives to make the toys ore environmentally friendly, such as, for example, develop components with lower impact materials, smaller size, etc. and as a priority so that they can be easily disassembled to facilitate their handling in recycling plants.”

Start date: Jan-09
Duration: Dec-11
Status: Finished

Funding: IMPIVA
Contact: Raquel Berbegal Pina

File: IMIDIC/2010/9 and IMDEEA/2011/79