“AIJU, in collaboration with AIMME and IBV, is developing a project with the intention of obtaining personalised products, reducing the amount of material employed to a minimum. The result would be achieved through use of additive manufacturing technologies with the support of specific topological optimisation software (via the use of MEF). This investigation aims to introduce Valencian companies to innovative technologies for manufacturing high value added products, optimised and adjusted, through the use of 3D spacial structure to lighten the item, items of variable thickness, reinforced zones, cavities, etc. This is automatically calculated by a specific CAD program supporting the designer. In the production phase, additive manufacturing technologies are used for being capable of processing these types of items with little material (lowering costs) but with very complicated geometries, impossible or very difficult to obtain by any other conventional technology (machining, injection, extrusion, etc.). “

Start date: January 2011