“The aim of this initiative was to promote and disseminate good innovation practices in companies through the AIJU publication, “GOOD INNOVATION MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN THE TOY SECTOR, CHILDREN’S PRODUCTS AND THE INDUSTRIAL CLUSTER OF FOIA DE CASTALLA”, in order to increase the culture of innovation through the integration of the innovation process in the strategy of companies, acquiring the habit of performing innovative activities that encourage them to improve their competitiveness. This publication offers tools for facilitating the implementation of management systems for innovation in SMEs (creativity, technological surveillance, project management, protection of the results of innovation, sources of finance, etc.). Disseminating a source of information on good innovation practices found in other sectors to the target sectors, as well as success stories of innovative companies that have worked with AIJU. The guide to good practices can be viewed on the AIJU innovation agency’s web page (www.aiju.es/agencia).”

Start date: Jan-10