“The main aim of the project was to validate the possible management and final disposal alternatives for electric and electronic toys and games in order to analyse their technical and economic viability and so to facilitate the toy sector in implementing the legal requirements derived from the recent transposition of European directives 200/95/EC and 2002/96/EC into Royal Decree 208/2005 on electrical and electronic equipment and their waste management. In further detail:
* To clarify the scope of application of the regulation, identifying which toys can be considered as electric and electronic equipment, both in their primary function and in their cost/benefit ratio in environmental terms for their inclusion as such.
* To evaluate possible integrated management systems through study of alternatives for collection, transport and final handling, leading to the construction of a pilot plant for evaluating different techniques for electric and electronic toys once they have become waste.
* Promote the use of ACV methodology in the toy sector to optimise the operation of pilot plants, reducing environmental impacts by choosing more appropriate environmental disposal alternatives starting from product design.
* Determine the optimum design of the Integrated Management System, applicable for toys with electrical and electronic components, to be responsible for the administrative part of the collection of these products once they become waste, and ensure suitable final disposal.
* Study the viability of meeting the objectives of collection, valorisation, reuse and recycling set by legislation.”

Start date: Jun-05
Duration: Dec-06
Status: Finished

Funding: Ministry of the Environment

Contact: Raquel Berbegal