“Although implementation in the EU of Directive 88/378 was satisfactory in its aim of providing safe products and eliminating barriers to trade between member states, a number of defects have been identified over time that have led to the need to evaluate the existing legal framework. Last December, the European Parliament gave a green light to the new European Toy Safety Directive. The new directive requires the companies of the sector to have technical documentation for each product, available for the supervisory authorities, even more complete and exhaustive if possible than that required by the old directive. One of the most novel aspects for the sector is the requirement that, before introducing a toy on the market, manufacturers make an analysis of the chemical, physical, mechanical, electrical, hygiene and radioactive hazards that the toy might pose, together with an evaluation of the probability or potential exposure to these risks. That is what is often called “risk assessment” and must form part of the product file available to the monitoring authorities. The main aim of this project is the development of a methodology or action protocol for risk assessment applicable to toys.”

Start date: Jan-09