“The high specialisation project, subsidised by IMPIVA through the Strategic Development Programme and the European Social Fund (ESF) enabled Noemí Rando of the AIJU Department of Teaching/Product/Market to collaborate with the University of New York to study leisure trends of elderly Americans. This cooperation took place in the months of May to August of this year and information was collected through experts in ageing and from elderly people on life styles that can serve as a reference for creating quality therapeutic leisure, leisure trends and use of new Information and Communications Technologies as tools for intervention in the US. The information and the results obtained can apply the most positive aspects to the creation of new leisure options that can improve the quality of life of the elderly. With the publication of the results of this investigation, it is hoped to provide to the toy industry, information and resources that encourage the development of innovative products for this group, encouraging the creation of new quality leisure products that, in addition to ensuring their game value, improve cognitive, functional and social skills of their users.”

Start date: 13-Jun-11