“Under the name of Rapid Manufacturing or Additive Manufacturing, ASERM (Spanish Rapid Manufacturing Association) refers to the combination of techniques and technologies that enable rapid manufacturing of a component or industrial assembly directly from information in digital media. The option of making moulds in metal through these technologies is a process called Rapid Tooling and to date has not achieved results similar to those obtained by the traditional mould manufacturing process in terms of precision. AIJU seeks to improve the real capabilities of the sector. Continuing the line of research referring to Tooling for the auxiliary industry, the aim is to develop industrial tools for the manufacture of series, pre-series and production (electrodes, inserts, moulds and matrices) through additive manufacturing techniques within tooling workshops in the mould manufacturing stage. The techniques proposed a priori are: OBJET + electroconforming, so that through OBJET the master is manufactured for the traditional galvano manufacturing technique. The aim is to validate the technology developed, AIJUSLSV1, being able to test the operation of the machine with different materials. SLS, using a material developed by AIJU itself, which is a conductor and enables direct manufacture of these electrodes. Development of CNC+AM combined techniques for manufacture of pieces and inserts with Conformal Cooling (cooling systems with non-geometrical shapes) adapted to adequate cooling. COLADA VACIO, development of bimaterial moulding techniques for castings. COLADA VACIO, study of and improvements for the incorporation of inserts in the casting process. For testing the technologies, AIJU has its own experimental technology (developed from the projects supported by IMPIVA IMIDIC/2010/44 and IMDEEA/2011/68) for studying and experimenting with the technology at experimental scale (not industrial), improving response times in the development and testing of new commercial or experimental materials, with the intention that Valencian auxiliary companies and industry can correctly apply and implement rapid manufacturing technologies and contributing this added value so they can recover from the crisis and position themselves in the forefront of European companies.”

Start date: 01/01/2012
File: IMDEEA-2012-142