“AIJU has developed an R&D project, awarded and funded by the Small and Medium Sized Companies of the Region of Valencia (Instituto de la Pequeña y Mediana Industria de la Generalitat Valenciana, IMPIVA), with the title “Children’s playgrounds: correlation between physical-chemical parameters and the damping capacity of the surfaces. Requirements guide for the business sector – SAFESURFACE, with the aim of investigating and learning about current offers of rubber flooring mostly located and installed in playgrounds of our municipalities and to analyse the possible repercussions or factors (positive or negative) associated with the use and geographic location of these products. The analysis of these data has enabled, firstly to evaluate the suitability of the market for these products and, secondly to establish a series of recommendations for manufacturers of synthetic flooring to enable them to manufacture coatings with higher impact damping capacities, better durability and lower manufacturing costs, giving a higher assurance of safety.”

Start date: 1 January 2010