“The revision of the European Directive on toy safety, published in June 2009, introduced major mandatory changes for the sector. This project aims to provide the infrastructure necessary to the toy industry and auxiliary industry sectors to adapt their products to meet the new EU requirements. The toy sector is already accustomed to the strictest safety requirements for its products, but the means available for making the additional efforts are limited. The immediate aim of the project is to facilitate the companies in making the changes necessary that encourage the transition to a new strengthened legal framework, offering the tools and training necessary as well as technical support. The idea is to avoid adding to the intrinsic difficulties for the sector related to aspects such as necessary innovation in product design to remain in such a dynamic market as that of toys, innovation in technologies and materials, opening to new markets, etc. The strategic aim is to maintain the competitiveness of the toy industry, ensuring product quality and safety, guaranteeing company continuity, strengthening and regenerating the current industrial fabric.”

Start date: 1 January 2009