“The new Toy Safety Directive requires the sector’s companies to have technical documentation for each product available for the monitoring authorities that is even more complete and exhaustive, if possible, that required by the old directive. Management of this documentation can be complex due to the variety of products that each company offers in its catalogues. In order to strengthen market monitoring and control measures, the new directive also grants specific powers to the appropriate authorities such as the right of access to offices of financial agents, right to demand information from notified organisations and to give them instructions, etc. Strong inspection campaigns are forecast with demands of companies for the documentation required by the new directive. The possibility of providing to companies various tools, technical solutions and organisational groupings so that product safety management can be as agile and effective as possible, is the reason why we are undertaking this project. Project co-funded with ERDF funds, within the ERDF Operational Programme of the Valencia Regional Government 2007-2013”.

Start date: 01-Jan-09