“Layer manufacturing technologies are tools enabling reduction of product development time. They have been successfully used for reducing time to market, improving quality and reducing costs. With their additional capacity allowing the relatively simple manufacture of custom parts, the still limited impact of these technologies can expand exponentially in the near future. However, there are currently barriers for the more extended use of Rapid Manufacturing industries in Spain. This project undertakes to break down these barriers through development of new tools, technologies and methods, making our technology and productive environment more competitive. The project is led by ASCAMM and has 27 participant members that complement the knowledge chain for optimum R&D. It is divided into 5 sub-projects or SP’s: (Applications, Markets and New Business Models, New Technologies, New Materials Development, Specific IT Technologies for RM and Dissemination, Training and Management). AIJU actively participates in all the SPs and leads SP3 for new materials development. The purpose of this SP is to design and develop new materials for existing processes and new processes under development as well as to study their real properties after processing and their recyclability. The aim is to expand the applications of these processes and extend the useful life of the materials, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. Collaborating directly with AIJU in this subproject are the companies Colortec and Plásticos Hidrosolubles. So far, AIJU has obtained two polymer base mixtures, one with addition of natural loads and the other with colouring agent, with very promising results.”

Start date: 01/09/2009
Contact: Suny Martínez

File: PSE-020000-2009-001