“The aim of the project is experimental development of the technology known as ‘plastic electronics’ for integration into new products destined for the toy and children’s sectors. The devices to be developed are electrochromic and electroluminescent devices, touch buttons and printed circuits on articles for use as toys and by children. These plastic electronic technologies have been integrated into three prototype toys that have significantly improved functionality and attractiveness. This will enable expanding the range of innovative products, of great added value for the market, and make our companies more competitive. Lithographs have been included that activate on being pressed or struck on certain parts, improving the interaction of children with the toys, who perceive a cause effect relationship with respect to their actions, which stimulates sensory perception, reasoning and curiosity. As they are mostly flexible devices they are also easy to adapt and integrate into toys, which facilitates meeting the physical safety regulations of toys. Chemical analyses are being performed, which it is expected they will pass due to the composition of the devices. In future applications, they may improve and facilitate the activation of toys for people with mobility problems, enabling use by children with disabilities.”

Start date: 01/06/2008