“The aim of the project is the integration of the opinions of all the parties interested, or stakeholders, in Additive Manufacturing to establish the Technology Map required and thus to contribute, along with CENELEC, to the implementation of the bases required for the standardisation of these technologies. This project is very important because the rapid evolution of Rapid Prototyping and Additive Manufacture has outstripped standardisation bodies and their protocols. As a result, there is no comparable information for any of the products manufactured by additive manufacture or rapid prototyping and consequently the industry is in an unknown environment and must trust the information offered by the suppliers, which could result in a considerable conflict of interest. Additionally, its interdisciplinarity with other industries that use conventional processes and the high standards demanded by these make it very difficult for additive manufacture to compete cleanly with traditional industries. This project, coordinated by the TNO and funded by the European Commission with reference NMP-SA-2012-319167 (GA II.30.4) is structured in 5 work packages (WP), where AIJU is the coordinator of the Dissemination WP and actively participates in the others. The project’s duration is 18 months and there are 18 members including Siemens, SINTEF, Materialise, Loughborough university, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria university and many national standardisation bodies such as Holland, France and Sweden.”

Start date: 01/09/2012