Toolkit SAFEorFAKE




The SAFEorFAKE? Toolkit project is a project led by AIJU with the support of the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). The objective of the project is to develop innovative educational resources to teach and raise awareness among children about the importance of intellectual property and the risks of counterfeiting to health, the economy, and the environment. These resources, open and free, are aimed at: – children aged 8 to 12, – primary school teachers and future teachers, and – other out-of-school educators. The educational materials include a series of mini-games, animated videos, infographics, didactic guides, and worksheets with a play and didactic nature that will help to achieve the key competences established by the European education guidelines and Spanish legislation (LOMCE and LOMLOE). Through products of interest to children, such as toys, children will learn about intellectual property, the risks of counterfeit toys for their health, their families, and the environment.



  • Agreement number : 1320210001
  • Starting day : 11 – sep- 2021
  • Duration : 1 año
  • Status : Iniciado
  • Amount requested : 59.945 euros




The Toolkit SAFeorFAKE project is carried out by AIJU with the support of the European Union Intellectual Property Office. This publication only reflects the views of its author. The European Union Intellectual Property Office is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.